Thursday, January 28, 2010

Last Year, This Time of The Year...

Where did the time go? It blazed past by although last year, it was seemingly endless. Around this time of the year, I remember conjuring up plans with 3 other ladies, trying to figure out how we can celebrate Valentine's Day with our hunnies. I suppose the oddest part is that we were all planning a road trip together when none of us ever met each other before until the trip to NC.

How come? Why would strangers get together for Valentine's Day when it is meant to spend time with people you love? Strange things do happen when the love of your life is in the military.

Unless going through it yourself, time is of an essence when you know that your heart is going to be leaving and the precious time will dwindle towards a long absence and having thousands of miles apart. It was such a bitter-sweet moment when you feel grateful for every second being with him but a throbbing thought in the back of your mind keep reminding you that he's going away soon.

I remember our mixed emotions before we were on our way. It has been phone calls, texts, emails, and IM chat galore for the next few weeks to come. We were all jumbled up in our feelings... feelings that are mixed with happiness, sadness, nervousness, anxiousness, love, heartbreak, excitement, and fear. We would be contacting each other to discuss the details of our road trip. Then all of the sudden, we needed each other for support while we break down and cry. Since this was going to be the first deployment for all of us, the unexpectedness is our worst enemy.

Reflecting towards what we have done, deployments make people do crazy things. Who would have thought about taking 16-hour drives and hundreds of miles with strangers? Who would share your deepest thoughts with ones who you've never met? Alas, this is just a little bit of what it is like to be a Marine girlfriend...

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  1. I can't imagine how hard that is. But that was cool that you got together with other women going through the same thing.