Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Not Just "Me" - It's All About "Us"

"Lean on me, when you're not strong And I'll be your friend, I'll help you carry on." ~Bill Withers

Even through the darkest and bleakest hours. Even when all seem lost and hope faded away. Even when desolation is the only company. Support and love even from just one person can shine through and touch one's heart. It makes all the difference.

When setbacks and plans backfire, it is often easy to isolate oneself to solve the problem rather than leaning on one's circle of support to find a solution together. Society embedded in our minds that asking for help is a sign of weakness. More often than not, situations and problems that arise that are way over one's head stays unresolved. It is a natural tendency to "keep it in" rather than seeking good counsel.

Quite the contrary, soliciting advice is an act of courage. Knowing when to ask for help shows that one is ready to start learning. As the Jamaicans say, "There's not problems, just situations." Since each unfortunate situations comes from mistakes, learning how to accept one's mistake is key. A wise man have once said, "Learn from your own mistakes make you smart. Learn from others make you wise."

In my own struggles, I tend to forget to seek the comfort and advice from friends and family. I have taken for granted that even when I'm in my rock bottom, I have been blessed to have individuals around me who are more than willing to lend a hand or have someone to lean on. I see that I'm very fortunate that I have at least have a solid foundation to stand on even when everything else around me is dilapidated.

I've woken up this morning and thought to myself how it's not just about me, alone and in the dark. No, it is about us, working together - supporting each other through troubled times. And that's the best part of all.


  1. I completely agree. You have to have a support system of family and friends to rely on. Stopping by from SITS!

  2. Words spoken so true! Saw you were new to blogging...it's addicting! :) Stopping by from SITS and hope you have a great day!

  3. You are right, Jan. It takes more courage to reach out to others than to stand alone.

    Keep your chin up.