Monday, January 18, 2010

YUM YUM: Mochi

After working hard all week, I looked forward to just kicking back and enjoying a treat. After countless reminders that a new restaurant, Mochi, is having its grand opening, I finally surrendered and decided to make a pit-stop in Downtown Orlando at the last minute.

I must confess that I did come across another Mochi up in Jax a few months earlier and have a little dibs in what their delectables are like. But that didn't stop me from being excited to try out everything they have to offer. Mochi offers low-fat yogurt in various delicious flavors that would delight your taste-buds. Even better is being able to customize your treat with different toppings from chocolates, gummy bears, fruits, and (of course) mochi. (Here's a link on more information about what mochi is -> Mochi,what it is...)

Oh what a great way to please a guilty pleasure in a healthier way (unless of course you load yours up w/ lots of chocolatey and sugary delights). Mochi definitely won my friend's heart and should be soon a favorite meeting spot.

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