Saturday, January 9, 2010

Cocoa, Anyone?

FL is far from the illusion of a warm, sunny, beach-day these last few weeks or more like the last couple of months. Temperatures have been dropping to the low 30's. Looks like FL have finally caught up with the freezing fronts of the other parts of the country. Although it isn't quite as low, it is still yet way lower than the usual 60's weather around this time of the year. The cold wind whipping across one's face would have anyone running for a nice, comfortable, winter coat.

Broken-down heaters and water pipes added to the discomfort of some residences. Who would have thought about having a field trip just to go to the bathroom? It's amusing to watch little golf carts shipping groups of people just to relief themselves. Alas, an experience to blog about.

So this weekend, to my fellow Floridians, I'm holding up my mug filled with hot cocoa and marshmallows... May you have a nice and cozy weekend inside your warm homes. *CHEERS*


  1. Stopping by from SITS! Hey, your cool weather makes those of us in the Midwest at least a little happy!!

  2. Haha, how's the weather like over there?

  3. Stopping by from SITS! Our weather here in NC has been a lot colder than normal too. It was 15 here last night and the high today is 34....maybe. It is after 2:30 here now and the temp hasn't reached the freezing mark yet.
    Stop my by blog if you get a chance..
    Hope to see you there soon!

  4. I have heard about it being chilly in FL. Since I know live in the arctic Midwest, this post kind of makes me giggle.

    Floridians just aren't prepared for this kind of weather. We don't keep winter coats handy and our heaters, in general, suck the big one.

  5. No, most Floridians aren't. I'm happy that I kept all of my winter stuff from when I lived up in NJ. The stores are apparently banking it these days by upselling the wintery comforts such as knitted mittens that costs practically $20 but elsewhere it would have cost $5. It is seriously that ridiculous. But hey, I guess that helps stimulate the economy right?