Sunday, March 14, 2010

39 Pounds of Love

What an inspiring movie!!! 39 Pounds of Love is a movie about a 34 year old man named Ami whose mom was told that he only has 6 years to live when he was 1 and no more. And here he is, at 34 years old, fulfilling his dreams. A must-watch movie especially when things look bleak and need some uplifting messages of living life to the fullest and loving love.

Ami is now in my book of a really great role model who shows that you can do whatever you want in life just as long as you put your mind into it, never give up, and keep going. During the movie, I felt guilty since here I am, a healthy woman, who at times felt that all hope has gone and living life is too hard, thought the way I do when times get tough. But I believe that people like Ami is around to show everyone that even times get tough, there's still love and life is full of adventure.

Really inspiring and motivating. I'm glad I came across this movie.

Link to the movie: 30 Pounds of Love

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